You Will be Enchanted By the Power of the Modelers

Whether it’s to set the curves or transform the look, modelers are always a good choice. In the HOPE online store you will find various models like modeling straps, bodices, shorts, bodysuits and other options that reduce measurements and leave the body well delineated.

You Will be Enchanted By the Power of the Modelers

For each look an ideal modeler, perfect for you!

Feel the pleasure of using fairer pieces without worrying about imperfections such as unwanted dowels. For example, high modeling panties are perfect for valuing curves.

modeling strap is great for making the look more elegant and can give the fit that is missing in the body, when it comes to wearing a piece with fabric that marks more. In addition to plucking the protruding belly, the HOPE modeling strap reduces the silhouette and offers great comfort.

Be Amazed with Layers Collection Modelers

Developed with extremely lightweight fabric, thin wire is cut, the styling line Layers are barely noticeable under clothing and can be used in layers-the more overlapping parts, the better the result.

At the HOPE nearest you or in the online store, you find this line consisting of five models that can and should be used together to reduce up to 4 cm of your measurements. They are: body, bermuda, petticoat, high panties and modeling panties.

All the pieces were designed and created to enhance the woman’s body-who often fails to wear a clothing for not finding the ideal lingerie and modeler or not being happy with her body. All this without giving up comfort.