Without a Bra, The Chest Is Deformed: True or False?

Without a bra, the chest is deformed: true or false?

A common idea that our mothers were often heard and repeated is that the bra is essential to keep a firm chest and would protect “natural muscles. It is a priori a myth and there is no need to force a girl to wear lingerie when she did not feel the need.

Jean-Denis Rouillon study I mentioned above has shown that sports that he has taken have found a strengthening of the chest in the absence of bra. For him, go bra might have beneficial effects. Even if this cannot be generalized to all and to all situations, we see at least that women that he has followed, it has had no harmful effect, instead.

Other University research departments around the world are studying the effects of wearing the BRA but they are usually compared to specific situations: breast cancer, sport, etc. reported pain The subject is rarely “wearing the BRA in ordinary life. For example, the universities of Portsmouth, England and Wollongong in Australia reflected much on the movements of the chest for the sport and felt that her breasts were moving so (Portsmouth researchers speak of tremors with a magnitude of 12 inches in some women) it could cause significant pain a bra would help to limit. Researchers believe as well as a fitted bra would be a factor that would discourage many women to participate in sport. Portsmouth, the professor Joanna Scurr think unlike Jean-Denis Rouillon that in the face of the sport, poorly supported breast ligaments can relax and cause damage to the chest (see article in English here). In all cases, the research is unanimous: when you wear a bra, it is essential it fits the chest to hurt.

Personally, I’d like to say that there is no need to worry if a teenager refuses the bras or explain to him that should she spent there one day or the other… We can probably live without bra all in common situations without danger as long as there is no particular pain!


Like the shoes (who also have their for and their cons in the medical world) or blouses (there are already studies on the fertility of men and blouses), the need or the danger of the use of the Bras can be generalized for all women. Research will tell us more in the future but for now, it is up to you alone to make your choice based on your feelings, except if you suffer from medical conditions.

In all cases, a bad bra can have harmful effects, and the first thing to do is to make sure that you are wearing the right size and a useful model. It must be particularly vigilant to your feelings when you exercise.

Pending a more complete medical research, no panic or injunctions to follow on sports underwear that you wear: keep doing what works best by staying attentive to your body.