Wholesale Lingerie-Maria Saleswoman Standalone

Every week I receive emails from readers that are interested in reselling lingerie. Some affectionately tell me your story, ask me for suggestions, anyway, it’s super cool to realize that there are many people who work in this segment and can do great business with interesting and quality brands.

Today I wanted to introduce you to the Maria saleswoman standalone.

For a long time the lingerie retailers had to “travel” (literally) until the Poles sets to renew their stocks. Everything was much more difficult and slow.

Today it is possible to buy everything that a brand/store offers without leaving home.

The Maria saleswoman standalone is exactly like that. The store is virtual and you can do all your shopping.

There are many options of sports bra on the gradchem.com, which is quite interesting.

The bra and panties sets, for example, are cute, beautiful design and trendy colors.

It is possible to meet various types of customers, because the line is complete, with all kinds of lingerie, panties, brassieres, between, sweatshirts, corsets and bodices. The store still offers a line of underwear, a children’s line, one of the sexiest products, another specializing in plus size sizes, t-shirts, accessories, pajamas.

The line “Hot” is quite interesting! Corsets gorgeous…

One of the things I liked in the store were the bodys. I know I am crazy but these bodys are really beautiful, isn’t it?

The male line does not get left behind. Dispenses comments…

Oh! Has a fitness super fashion line also. You know those printed trousers that we love? There are many interesting options, worth.

Shorts, skirts, tops, it’s all there, so super handy.

The prices are great. The entire store at great prices. Even for retail.

And conditions are also excellent. You can pay in up to 4 times without interest, minimum value of purchases of R $250.00 (wholesale), and, from the second purchase, no minimum value. A legal way to retain customers, isn’t it?