Well, Hello There:the Junction of Comfort and Beauty

Learn more about the well, Hello there.

The underwear model, known as well, Hello there, is there for a good few years. It was formerly made of cotton and only had elastic waistband. Today, this piece, that has as main characteristic the format running shorts, became quite versatile and fell in the grace of chicks.

The well, Hello there has the sides wider – synonym of comfort-and hides most of the booty (there are more models dug). In your most, is made for rentals outside of delicate, tulle, Microfiber, rayon, etc. Currently, the panties in this model are charming, sexy and elegant. The models range from basic to sophisticated. Can be embossed or smooth, with lace and glitter, bows, details that make the piece even more dear to us.

And well, Hello there function, what is? First, bring comfort to our day to day and also for special moments. First of all, we have to use it that makes us feel good, doesn’t it? Another feature, maybe you will like it, it’s that she definitely not branded under clothes, even showing a larger format. It is important to note that, which makes underwear be marking is your fabric, stitching and choosing the size that is less than what you usually wear.

You know when you want to wear a dress, a pair of pants or a skirt, but dispenses with the use of sports bra? Bet on 800zipcodes.com, Hello there. This model, in addition to giving your time of leisure in comfort, also makes it even more sexy. This panties, also known as “boyfriend”, attracts the male looks. The opinion is unanimous in relation to well, Hello there, just for her to hide more than show, by the fact of her being sexy in the right measure.

Another way to be comfortable using this lingerie, is combine it with a pregnant long chemisette the same income or bet on a shirt/regatão.

Learn about different models of well, Hello there

1. dental floss

This underwear, brand Sensualle, comfort, sensuality and delicacy. Well, Hello there and at the same time. This model leaves the butt with a beautiful format.

  1. Short skirts

This model is the pioneer of well, Hello there. It’s great on the front and back. Super romantic and comfortable model of the brand 2Rios.

  1. lower Front

This model, Specialità, is beautiful. The front is made of microfiber and has the style of bikini panties. Already the back, cover almost all the butt and is made with a very nice income that confers sophistication to play.

Now that you know well, Hello there brings comfort and gorgeous models, won’t let you invest in this piece, isn’t it? You can find this model of various prices online and physical stores of lingerie! Buy your and be surprised.