The Bras Give you Cancer: True or False?

Next to these factors of pain, breasts are much less likely to cause themselves suffering you feel. On the other hand, they can exacerbate a pre-existing condition. The chest can accentuate a bad posture, add additional stress to already tense muscles and complicate the healing of injured back-end disks. (…) In some cases, it is possible that a woman’s breast is the first cause of to back pain. This situation arises most frequently when a person from a relatively small size a breasts whose size is disproportionate.

Thus, a person whose the real cause of the pain would be a no dignostiquee problem (obviously the majority of cases) would not solve its problem by breast surgery. Indeed, a breast reduction could help limit the pain in appearance but absolutely would not address the source of the problem!

Other studies remind us that a woman has a big bust, more likely to wear a size of BRA unsuitable (example here a study of Master by the National Library of medicine American), including lack of adequate information… it is what created logically from the more frequent pain.

So if you suffer from back pain and blame your breasts around you, I would advise you to not do necessarily to rush to radical solutions: first make sure that you wear a size bra fit and good quality lingerie. If you are certain that this is the case and keep you suggest that your chest is too big, ask your doctor whether you do not suffer other problems which your chest would be a simple developer.

The Bras give you cancer: true or false?

Some obscure ‘health’ sites seek to demonstrate that the BRA would be a direct factor of breast cancer and do not hesitate to pick you up directly in your mail box to tell you about. In the French-speaking web, we explain even this basic terms that you have never heard and argument, which seems very logic on the premise that the author knows what he’s talking about. However, no link was scientifically demonstrated between breast cancer and BRA. Yes, it is true that the factors of cancer are difficult to assess and identify and that the absence of studies does not mean that there is no link in the facts. But be aware that anyone claiming that it has been demonstrated is completely wrong.