Series Fabric for Lingerie: Explore All the Comfort of Cotton

Continuing our series of tissues, today you will learn more about the cotton, a fabric that combines natural and synthetic fibers. Comfort is the best definition of the cotton, the fabric for lingerie is widely used by its qualities, as the good adhesion to the body, producing ideal lingerie for day to day.

Learn more about this, which is one of the most used fabrics for lingerie:

Cotton X Cotton

It is common to confuse the cotton and cotton, the difference between them lies in the composition. While cotton is a 100% natural fiber cotton is composed of 92% cotton and 8% elastane. Thus, he has important features of cotton, but with the resilience and adaptation to the body that the fabric for lingerie needs to have with the spandex.

Fabric For Lingerie With Nice Texture

The texture of the fabric is one of the main points to note when choosing lingerie. In this regard the cotton is a fabric for lingerie extremely comfortable and pleasant to wear. The soft touch and soft natural fiber that comes from the opposition, which in General is more comfortable than the synthetic fibres, widely used in lingerie. The touch on the skin is extremely harmonious, ideal for holding up the daily routine of work.


Another feature of the natural fiber that makes up the cotton and what makes it nice is breathability, mainly in the composition of the panties . This feature facilitates the ventilation and humidity control of the region women’s intimate, consequently reduces the chances of proliferation of fungi and changes. Thus, it is important that all the panties, even those that are made in other materials, have the most natural fibre lining.

Temperature Control

Another important feature is the temperature control, fundamental especially in days of heat, in which the fabric for lingerie wrong causes the temperature in the region is high, making intimate even unpleasant.

Details On Other Tissues

It’s not because you chose the comfort of cotton as fabric for lingerie you need to give up the beauty of the piece. The lingerie in cotton is versatile and can be adorned by lace, tulle and embroidery ( If you don’t like the simplicity of the fabric, you can choose panties and bras with details in other tissues, combining comfort and beauty.

Possibility Of Colors And Prints

The cotton is a versatile fabric, being composed of a natural fibre white, it allows a multitude of pigmentation. Is for prints or to add color to the piece, it is possible to create a huge variety of colors with him. In addition, the conservation of color is extended, not fade easily.


The resistance of spandex fiber quality of cotton fabric are natural with significant durability. We need to just keep an eye on the conservation and washing the piece, so that you do not have your life shortened.

The cotton is a fabric for lingerie very used and comfortable, its features provide more quality in everyday life and mainly, durable parts. And you, like cotton? Share with us your experience with lingerie of this material for the comments.