Real Women Tried Briefs: How to Choose the Right Ones?

Well-chosen clothes can shape character, emphasize her strengths, to correct deficiencies and deliver their bearer the right feeling confident. And this is not just a bra, you should certainly not underestimate the selection of panties.

If dons the correct cut, material and color, you suddenly increase confidence and cease to be ashamed to show off her partner in a negligee.

Men in the vast majority agree that a woman clothed in fine linen, which she sits, looks much more attractive than the completely naked. Which of course does not apply to twenty young ladies with perfectly maintained figure even after the initial phase relation to impress his counterpart in more lace than completely bare skin.

Gentlemen love clothes for one simple reason: It gives them the opportunity to fantasizing can unveil the secrets and undressing each pieces is a great foreplay.

Even on the clothes that do not intend to show care enough. Briefs that stand under his clothes definitely do not say anything flattering about its wearer. Remember, it has to be seen tops and not what’s underneath.

In stores you can find a plethora of shapes and colors of many suitable and less suitable materials, so excuse the small selection certainly nobody can.

On the day wearing a rather avoid synthetic materials, they are in fact causal recurring fungal infections, which greatly nuisance and even the sex. Therefore, you’ll do better if you reach for cotton and natural silk and polyester than with its various mixtures, especially if you suffer from inflammation and irritation.

So what underwear you choose? Much depends not only on your character, their strengths and weaknesses, but also opportunities. Virgos can shoot seamless panties at least black and beige color or other colors do not shirk. Remember that underwear should blend in with the clothes you wear underneath that. To avoid faux-pas in the form of a translucent linen.

Slim figure without significant curves

Many women are choosing totally inappropriate and cut the size of pants. Lots of lean women reaching for a bigger size and number two than they actually need, underwear and standing off, popping out of his pants and unnecessarily spoil the overall impression.

Owner narrow hips and waist Lackluster have two options: download a passport or added to the sides. With that first great help corset that gently pulls the upper body and conjures up a seductive curves while you wait. Fears of discomfort are not in place, the correct size and style you definitely will not in any way limit.

If you decide to go the other way, thus emphasizing the hips, bows, kanýrky the sides to draw attention to this part of the body and optically add volume, so they correct the overall figure.

full figure

And there is often a nuisance wrong size, many women are trying to cram her body into a laundry smaller than they actually need. Also miniature shapes this kind of character very flattered. About your sex appeal certainly you need not worry even in larger panties, quite the contrary. Higher sed corrects lush shapes, hides minor flaws figures and the overall figure solidifying. And what is particularly important. Tight body looks good regardless of size.

Plump hips do not like to bokovými panties, so they avoid arc. Higher sed and appropriate knockouts serve much better. If you fear the tightening of laundry and discomfort when wearing, it is time to reexamine that position.

New models shaping panties boasts more vypracovaností, shape the body without discomfort when wearing them. Likewise, do not be afraid to experiment a little and deliver a little sexiness with translucent materials, garters and colors flattering to your skin tone.

flat bottom

Many women crave the round Background Jennifer Lopez that nature has not endowed.No need to despair, but to wear the right underwear. In this case, forget about thong that shape the abdomen very stressing.

Rather choose a classic cut with ornaments legally on the back. Small ruffles give the right curves and your self-confidence.

mature woman

With age, despite all the care and healthy lifestyle, there is a loss of skin elasticity, which is not only the face but the whole body.The contours slowly disappear and sagging skin changing shapes of the characters.However, it’s no tragedy and your partner can still enchant in lingerie and feel good about themselves.

Black color and kanýrky in the upper part acts as literally lifting the entire background.I prefer to forget the miniature modýlky and reach for the classics in terms of style. The colors and patterns Unleash your imagination. Smaller tiny figure flattering designs like flowers or small puntíčky, as befits a stronger more pronounced prints.