Plus Size Women’s Lingeries in Virtual Store

You usually look for Duloren dealers or in specialist shops, can’t find all the parts you would like and is frustrated because it just feels right with the comfort and beauty of Duloren? So come on people you presents our webshop you find everything what we produce and buy with ease and safety.

How to buy Duloren Web-store

It’s too simple. You access our site and will have all the main options to your front: Bras, panties, shapewear, plus size diva, and underwear.

When entering each menu, you will see options according to each situation in order to facilitate your search: you can be buying your lingerie to seduce, not to mark, to unite and enhance the breasts, for brides, for silicone prosthesis, basic, for use with neckline to show the shoulders and back, for moms or to support and shape. In addition, you can view the parts of the three main lines: Basic, and income support.

Another way to browse for products is browsing the search field located in the top menu, above the categories. Look for words like “Bra” and see the results.

Once you’ve found what you wanted, click on the photo or description for more details. You will find technical information and descriptive of the piece, which can also be seen in the detail of the picture using the zoom.

Set in size!

We highlight here real quick so you don’t make a mistake in choosing the size. By accessing the page of each piece, you will see on the right side a field of “Action Guide”. This guide will show you the exact sizes of each measure of Duloren, in paintings like these:

Make sure that you chose the right size before you go to the next steps.

Okay, it’s time to buy!

Then simply choose the size that fits better to your body type and choose the color that one you like, click “Buy”. You will be taken to your shopping cart, this is the first step to close your purchase.

In this step you can change the quantity of products to be purchased, calculate the freight will be charged and even delete your cart products. If you have a discount coupon, use the specific field for the discount or benefit pre set.

To add more products, use the button “choose more products”, you will continue to navigate the site. After all the products are chosen, use the button “end purchase”. Then, you will see a page with their applications and values.

Check out all the application data (quantity, value, payment in installments and discounts). Make your registration on the site by filling in all the required fields, choose the best form of payment and you can close your request.

You can make payment by credit card, bank transfer or direct debit.

As soon as your purchase is completed, you will see on the screen the information of your request. Ready! Request fulfilled!

An email will be sent confirming the receipt of the request and other confirming the payment. If you still have any questions, please contact our CUSTOMER SERVICE by e-mail: or by telephone (21) 2472-9333.

When will I receive my lingerie?

First, be aware that the shipping is free to anywhere in Brazil’s purchases over R $120.00. Here at Thembaprograms you can get more different models and styles. After the payment is confirmed, the shipment of the product (s) will occur as soon as possible, but the deadline will depend on your location. To learn more, go to delivery and Shipping .

Don’t come the product like you wanted? The first Exchange is free!

To perform any exchange of products, whether because of the model, size or color, there is no additional cost for the first Exchange! The Duloren offers a period of 30 days after the receipt of the product to order. If the new piece is of a different reference piece returned, it shall produce a credit in the amount of product to be exchanged for a new purchase. To learn more, go to Exchange or Return Policy .

Are you ready to start killing with the comfortable and amazing Duloren lingerie? Come take a peek at our online store!


Framboesa Lingerie

Framboesa Lingerie