Meet the Main Fabric of Panties and No More Lost on the Purchase!

Women can sometimes be shy at the time of the purchases, mainly of clothing. Are in doubt take a pair of pants or a skirt, black or red, her blouse equitable or more loose. But many women end up buying almost automatically the panties, because they are fundamental parts in any women’s wardrobe.

The underwear is a very important piece in time to get dressed, because despite being hidden, you need to have the right model for your body, the right color depending on your clothes and can influence even on your health.

There are several color options, models, sizes and fabrics on the purchase smart lingerie via, then split up important tips about the fabric of panties more common than found in intimate fashion.

The synthetic fabrics like spandex, although amoldarem better to the body and be comfortable, can break the natural protection of the region and thus cause infections. Why choose Microfiber panties, which also does not mark the body and has properties that allow ventilation of the area.

What if you want to in a thong is your fabric does not prevent perspiration, doesn’t cause irritations or allergies. Therefore, they are of natural fabrics, without dyeing. The ideal is the use of natural materials (cotton, modal and silk), because any synthetic fabric that does not favor the ventilation can disrupt the balance of the skin, causing skin diseases.

Lace panties can also cause skin lesions, i.e. breaking the natural protection barrier, the characteristics of the tissue or the location where are rents or the seams. But there is no ban on your use, especially on special occasions, because some times are more beautiful. The trick, then, is to use the cotton or Microfiber in everyday life and let the other only for special occasions.

Experts say that many women suffer from infections caused by panties with fabrics that do not allow perspiration, but even think in this cause. So, in choosing underwear fabrics, think about it before you buy!