Many Prefer Nursing Lingerie Across Pots

Bridal tea or lingerie tea? That is the question!

What woman ever dreamed of finding the Prince Charming coming on a white horse as in a fairy tale?The answer is:almost the entire female population of the planet.

It’s okay that the scenario does not have to be well described, but the desire to find great love has passed through girls’ heads at some point in their lives.Or, it may be that you are currently experiencing this!

Suddenly, the dream comes true! Your passion appears and you ask yourself, “Where was he ?!”Time passes, you date until you decide to “gather the cloths”, so our grandparents spoke.

For the groom, it may sound like a simple request for a wedding. For the bride, a marathon begins, because everything has to be perfect.Overkill?None of this!

Before it was just the wedding ceremony and the choice of dress, which is not so simple either.But this rush can (and should) be softened, for example, with a Lingerie Tea. Here at you can get more different models and styles.


Only a few women want to be housewives to look after their husbands and children . Over the years, most have struggled to gain independence, be it financial or professional, even though they are married.

This has even been reflected in the preparations for the wedding.Faced with this modernity, some brides are choosing to gain underwear for household items.This, if the choice is one of these options.

Not to mention that in the end the comrades also end up being benefited.And how they are!

Now, let’s wait for friends to read this text to join in and organize a beautiful surprise for the bride.


The Lingerie Tea does not have to be taken almost literally with a small meeting where tea will be served.

Because it is a unique moment, it does not have to be grimacing, much less monotonous, since this is an important transition from single life to married life.The moment must be laughs, jokes and a lot of emotion.

So, write down some ideas:

The name itself says it all.Without being more of the same, think about themes like Hawaiian Feast, Pink, Beautiful Woman, etc … Chosen, all must attend the character.

Truth or consequence
This a lot of people played in their teens.It can be done using a baton while playing a song.As she stops, the guest asks a spicy question to the bride about her past.Or, some that may have a revealing answer that surprises them all.

Guess the Present
The bride will have to unravel what she has packed.It sounds simple, but it will give a guess work.And if she does not hit, the punishment may be with a gift chosen by her friends.

Guess who I am
That also pays!All the friends should attach at the present a photo of when it was a child for the bride to identify who is who.

Handwritten cards or videos
How about registering a tribute to the friend with advice and praise?I guarantee that this will wring many tears from everyone present.Imagine how beautiful it will be!

Liked?So do not forget the main: choose the best lingerie.

In Tip we have options for all styles and tastes.Be sure to check it out.