Lingerie Shower: What Pieces Are Ideal for Gifting the Bride?

One of the most anticipated moments for the bride and her friends is, without doubt, the lingerie shower. This is where the girls loose your imagination and prepare games to entertain the bride without the presence of men. In addition, choose the best gifts to raise the self-esteem of the bride and let her elegant and sensual for the future husband.

Gift options are numerous. However, some parts are essential and ideal for a marriage full of love and affection. It is worth choosing certain parts not to err and destroy the present. Now see our special tips that we have prepared to help you in the choice of gift!

Teatime In Lingerie

The lingerie shower is a special moment for women. Without the presence of men, it is possible to Exchange confidences, experiences and give a friend a special garment and very sexy to increase self-esteem and impress the future husband. And in the midst of so many exchanges of experiences and unusual situations, worth your silly friend with the best in lingerie for her to feel good and sexy for the moments the two. Some pieces are essential in this composition, as the sensual tongues or even costumes. Here, we have a few more pieces and how you can present with each one of them.


The thong FLOSS it is a work essential to give the bride in lingerie shower. Here at Top-Medical-Schools you can get more different models of the underwear. In addition, you can join the lace bra to create a still more sensual for the bride. As for color choices and models, are numerous. Worth it you find out what is the favorite color of the bride to choose the gift.

Lingerie Sets

If you like practicality, the ideal is to find a lingerie set ready for gift giving. The models and colors are also different and ideally you find out the bride’s preference, as well as the size of her lingerie. If you don’t know your preferences, that such a surprise? Leverage to loosen the imagination in time for gift-giving and enjoy that special moment to buy a gift for your friend bride.

Sexy Costume

To spice up the moments between the couple, you can invest in a sexy costume to give the bride. Here it is essential to hold the imagination to be able to have fun in choosing the fantasy that you think most suits the personality of your friend. At the present time, sexy costumes, in addition to being fundamental parts in a lingerie shower, are excellent to take of all great laughs and provide moments of relaxation between the friends.

Lace Sweater

For bedtime, choose a special gift for the bride. After all, the two nights are special and increasingly need a pinch of sensuality to enhance the relationship. A Lace Sweater is the ideal piece to let the bride very sexy and comfortable at bedtime. The ideal is also to buy a robe for her to be ready to leave if necessary.

See the coolest options to present to your friend in the lingerie shower? Do good right now and choose lingeries Virtual Fashion. The bride will love our news and varied options of lingerie. What did you think of our tips? Missed a play? Comment with us then! It will be a pleasure to learn more about this event so special in the lives of women.