Lingerie: Fashionista January Body of Colours

For our week start churning brought a new very cool to meet you. We know that the sensuality of brazilian woman is one of our most important qualities in the world, this borogodó that all we have is one of the reasons why we are so passionate about lingerie, in every way, colors and models, they are part of our day-to-day! After all, a lovely lingerie beneath any look makes you more confident and with self-esteem up there, eh! Tell me, what woman brazilian amaaaa not a new lingerie? I adorooo!

Sexy models, romantic, seductive, we all have a favorite style. So mark January Body of Colours has made the head or better the corpichooo of chicks! Launched in 2010 by Tamu partners and Giovanna Piergallini, the Medaglia brand is something so beautiful! One of the details that more amooo, is that all the pieces are developed from the start by hand, creating the packaging! And the prints are also unique to the brand. You can get more models from

Creative, colorful, different crafts, what’s not to love! Especially when the templates refer to a chic boudoirstyle, without losing the sensuality and mainly the joviality! On the site of a new mini collection is released every three months, which ensures that there is always news there! And still this year the first collection of bikinis must reach the shelves.

Want to see too? Look at the inspiring selection separated for you!

And Oh, they liked girls? Are they not beautiful to live!