Lingerie Fabric Series: Check out the Versatility of Microfiber

Find a perfect fabric for your lingerie is a task that depends on several factors, based especially on what you expect to use this play. In our series fabric for lingerie, you already dived on the characteristics of various materials are used to form your favorite underwear. In this text we will detail some more about the versatility and quality of the Microfiber. Check out below!

Microfiber: What Is It?

The Microfiber is a fabric formed by the junction of two materials: polyester and polyamide. The name, which takes the term micro, is because one of the main features of this fabric for lingerie, which is considered to be thinner than a human hair–and it is exactly this feature that makes the fabric extremely versatile Microfiber, easy to clean and durable.

Other interesting information about this fabric for lingerie is that about 10,000 Microfiber yarns can weigh less than a gram. Here at you can get more information of the underwear.

In spite of your great success in the market of materials for fabric, experts say that there are already studies done in laboratories to develop a material even lighter and thinner than the microfibre: the micro-microfibra.

Microfiber Features

This fabric for lingerie is a real success in the market for intimate parts because of its unique features. We list below some of the main features of microfiber, which make this one of the top choices of fabric producers in the textile and clothing market:

Comfortable material;

Quick drying;

Fabric allows heat exchange and the ability of the fabric breathe better;

Extremely sturdy and durable;

Soft and smooth to the touch;

Easy to shape and trim;

Fast colours and you don’t get lost in washes.

This Fabric For Lingerie Can Be Chosen For Your Density

Microfiber density is an important point to note when we started working with thisfabric for lingerie. This density helps define not only the quality of this material, as well as the thickness of the fabric, the weight of the material and to your ability to absorb moisture.

To find out the density of your Microfiber fabric, look for the GSM of the piece (which stands for grams per square meter). Valley to reinforce the value of GSM is not the same as the weight of the fabric. The value of the weight is always significantly lower, whereas the density has a higher relationship with the concentration of fibres of the fabric than with the weight of the same.

Other Uses For The Microfiber

The Microfiber is not only a fabric for lingerie. This material is also widely used in the construction of pieces such as sports uniforms–which demands ability to absorb sweat and allow perspiration the body-shirts, social pants suits and clothes, party dresses and even materials such as towels and bedding.

Working with lingerie made with Microfiber is an interesting choice for those who want to offer, to its customers all the comfort and the versatility that this fabric guarantees for this piece of clothing. You have pieces made with Microfiber in your mix? Tell us the advantages that you notice when working with them.