Learn to Ride a Black Friday Promotion for Lingerie

Black Friday is one of the most important days for trade, where shopkeepers offer huge discounts and offers in order to put an end to the old stock to renew it with goods for Christmas.

The idea came originally in the United States and always occurs on the last Friday of the month of November.

Assemble a Black Friday promotion it’s a great opportunity for anyone working with resale of lingerie, being a way to renew stocks, please customers and disclose yourMark.

See in this post how to prepare a campaign of Black Friday success and profit from this date.

Prepare Your Stock For Black Friday Promotion

Although initially the goal is zero stock, it is necessary to meet their customers with quality and variety of products.

Useless the next steps if you have a low stock. If you are a retailer of lingerie will always have a grid of products with variety of designs, colors and sizes to suit all customers.

In addition, on Black Friday, there is a considerable increase in demand and you must be prepared to meet it.

Offer Real Discounts

There is nothing more irritating to a customer in a Black Friday promotion that ridiculous discounts. This is a day known for considerable discounts and that’s what their customers expect.

Remember that some of the women you will meet in the promotion are their customers and have contact with their products and, of course, are familiar with the prices that you practice.

Keep in mind that Black Friday is not the time to get large profit margin on the product. It is preferable to give you interesting discounts on parts and profit by the amount of products sold (http://www.iamaccepted.com/).

Time to prepare your stock, preferably the parts with which you can work to pricingmore malleable.

Advertise On Social Networks

In the business of reselling underwear, disseminating word of mouth is without doubt a powerful weapon. However, it is important to use new technologies to improve disclosure. Take advantage of social networking to disseminate your Black Friday promotion.

A tip is to start with a few weeks notice, posting pieces will be sold at unbeatable prices. Publicize your promotion as an event on Facebook, post photos on Instagram, pile groups in Whatsapp, make videos on Youtube and extract most of the social networks .

Organize Something Special

Black Friday is a special day, so get out of your comfort zone and use creativity to organize something different on the day.

Organize a meeting with your clients to show the parts and make sales. Offer some food and drink, as well as small gifts and treats. Mount a strategy to please the consumer.

Make partnerships with other businesses, such as beauty salons, cosmetic stores and other businesses connected to womanhood. The important thing is to innovate.

For a lingerie retailer mount a Black Friday promotion well structured can leverage sales and bring new consumers to your customer base.

With a consistent and good disclosure, your Black Friday action will be a hit!

Have you ever participated in any Black Friday promotion as lingerie retailer? What was it like? Share your experiences in the comments!