Ladies, You Know That Lace Panties Today Are Not Just Discomfort?

Smooth materials, wearer comfort and convenient cover deficiencies figures. To have a common modern panties. How to choose, give you a good fit and what plays a role in the selection? It’s not just the material and cut of clothes …

Briefs are primarily sit well. And it’s not just about waist is very important and thigh circumference. You really do not need to go to the store with subway and measure the elasticity of the panties where the material allows them to “pull”. Just approximate knowledge of centimeters in waist and a good saleswoman in a good store will surely help you.

TIP: Shorts before they buy, be sure to try – you have to do it right! Due to hygiene but always try new briefs across our underwear.

When choosing pants and it plays a role, such as that opportunity. If we want to “score points” in front of her lover, be sure to choose a different material and design, but when we go to play sports or to the doctor. For day wear as appropriate briefs without trimmings in the briefs. Your lymphatic system will be glad that nothing avoids stiffness, panties you almost do not feel, and yet they perform their function.

Cotton, nylon, lace? Convenience vs. attractiveness

Nowadays used either smooth materials or lace. Gone are the days when their wearers lace caused abrasions. Current lace are soft and flexible. Beware of the difference between lace and embroidered tulle! Yarn, tulle embroidery which can be peeled, tulle is stronger, and it’s not pleasant.

Particularly older women swear by cotton panties. They say they are nejprodyšnější, and therefore there is no dampness in them.”That’s not true,” refutes the myth of Eva Peřinová, stylist and adviser to companies producing underwear and continues: “Today, new materials used polyamide, which actually has a bibulous function, but also the humidity can distract beautifully. So cotton panties will stay moist, while the polyamide that transports and dry. ”

With pants, classic or so. Brazilian

There are several cuts panties – classical, Brazilian and hinge. Classic knickers are designed for everyday wear. Brazilian or “panty” have a smooth backside. While Brazilian are on the side, the side seam lower hinge panties there can be up to 12 cm. Not all hinge panties have a side seam so high, the choice is large. Advice is simple – the more you need to hide imperfections, the higher the passport choose.

Briefs with longer pants we know from movies for witnesses. You will probably be surprised, but women still require such briefs. Yes, they’re not alone and lace embellishments like to cancan, prefer a smooth shape. Underwear with pants appreciated mainly by women with wider thighs who like to wear dresses and skirts. These briefs is partially fixed thigh, which is a nice lady effect.