Is the Laundry Horror Coming Back from the 90s?

Whether bomber or down jackets, plateau shoes, tattoo chains or briefs with a logo waistband-the 90s undoubtedly celebrate their great revival in fashion.

We remember our first fashion experiments from the past century when these trends flared up on Instagram,Street Style, or Fashion Week. At the same time, we may doubt our own taste. Fashion No-Gos like the flashing of the string-thong over the pantsbund, we have definitely painted out of our wardrobe today!

But what is it? The Tanga will not really come back? For some designers, the string still seems to be a source of inspiration. On the show of Donatella Versace,the British model Stella Maxwell presents exactly this look from the category”How could we wear it?” During the London Fashion Week .

The model wears a skirt, from which a wide rubber bandgucks out. From the rear it is clear: with this look the tanga plays a main role. He is not discreet in the background, but is presented extravagant as an accessory.

We do not think the style is going to get really good. And if so, we hope that the antlers will not be a trend again…