My panties, I want it to make me beautiful buttocks and especially it is done forget! Here are the tips of the editorial to find the under clothing for her beauty.


We tried everything as trends underwear the moment: the string, shorty, the sheath and many other underwear models. What to remember is that we always found our old panties worshiped. Comfortable and sexy if desired, they give us a nice figure if we intelligently chooses. Yes ladies, there are several cuts panties. We must therefore take the time to try and adapt them according to its morphology to find the way that suits us. Here are our tips for a shopper panties to our advantage.

The golden rule to follow is to always choose clothes that fit under. Even if one makes 36, in too panties was necessarily the saucissonne air. Ditto for lace panties: all women can afford it, provided it is the right size. The question is what cut or style is made for our morphology. And also depends on the result that is desired!

The Scalloped Knickers

She is the best friend of women who want to look thinner. And yes, the cutaway pants elongates the leg and follows the curves without the “cut”. So, many are in favor. Notice to the most minor women: better to avoid this model, the risk that the bones of the hip point.

Boxers or Panties “Large”

The wide trousers with thick seams and boxers will, by optical effect, increase the volume of the hips. A good way to expand the silhouette of those who are too petty. Those legs “rather short” are invited to abandon the boxer low-waist (hipster) that tends to pack the silhouette.


The thong is a good compromise between the string and panties: no risk to exceed the string when you fall (too fancy) and invisibility guaranteed under the most tight pants.


The shorty, a perfect mix between the thong and boxer. It has the advantage of being comfortable while remaining sexy. It suits all shapes and highlights all the glutes. For more complexed who dare not tanga, shorty can play the card of seduction without feeling to get naked.

Panties “Flat Stomach”

The “body-shaping” panties are rather avoid: they are often uncomfortable and can impact our bloodstream. We put on these plus size panties for a short time, like a birthday or a party. The xxl underwear can be very useful but to “bear with moderation.”