How to Choose a Tango – This Is What your Ass Tasty!

Do you enjoy wearing women’s thong? But you do not know who cut suit you best? We will advise you how to pick thong, depending on your ass and figure.

Each of us prefers another type of pants, one wears only cotton with legs, another swear classic cut, but then there’s a whole camp of women loving tango.

And it is the thong that love (to their female partners) as well as most men! Mainly in the black and red. I think it’s the most sexy and exciting!


It would seem that thongs are already the biggest boom times, but it is not. The stores still does not tang suits and bras in various designs. But perhaps you do not know that women’s thong sewn in several cuts, each of which is suitable for any buttocks and overall and character.

Types of women’s tango – Tango Which are right for you?

Although it might seem that thongs have so little fabric that is not what they actually invent the opposite is true. There are several types of tango panties.

Classical Tango – The front part is wider than the rear, hips are quite wide. Ideal for any for round and flat, “neither big nor small buttocks.

Thongs G-string – triangular front piece, but smaller than in the classical style, with the rear part is only connected with thin cords. Swimsuit G-string can be cut on the sides of the balance sheet. Suitable for slim girls and women who have rounded ass.

T-back thong – This type of tango pants have a drawstring around the hips combined single stripe between the buttocks. At the back are shaped like the letter T. Particularly suitable for large abdomens, men of them crazy!

Brazilian panties / thong – Classic briefs that have cover only the upper buttock. It is a matching up of classic briefs and thong. It is becoming a model, which adds to the attractiveness of each prdelce.

Easy to dress comfortable to wear

Thongs are popular mainly young girls with a solid background, but neither Pudgy this respecter of fashion. Thongs are sexy in any case, to lean and boubelkách. It is important to choose the right cut, which corresponds to the bodily proportions and materials. Under clamped clothing fits seamless thong panties under jeans you can afford to go ahead and lace and ruffles.

Tip! If you are in tangách throughout the day, wear the microfiber – pressuring, high comfort and leave the imprint.