Fashion Mentor: How to Choose the Right Briefs?

Quality and well-fitting underwear is essential! And it’s definitely not just for bras should not be underestimated nor the choice of underpants. If you choose is good size and cut, it will help to mask a lot of deficiencies. We advise you that briefs are the right ones for you!

Spikes on the sides, short legs, thighs thicker, larger buttocks, belly or stretch marks permitted. With all that you can do well-chosen briefs deal, you just need to know which type after dig at the store. We can only advise, but even that will show you three of our beautiful čtenářkách!

1. Strip is teeming tip

Panties, which abound around greater or lesser toe. This is not just a nuisance problem baculek, but slender girls who do not have the same body muscle. The proof is in our nineteen Kate reader. She confided that despite her slender figure it’s one of the things that her panties when selecting troubling.

What with this? According to Marcela Měchurová of boutique lingerie Maja Spectrum shopping center in Prague Pruhonice is the foundation of correct size selection. “It’s the most common mistake. Women should not be afraid to reach for the larger sizes, and certainly not to buy anything over the Internet, but always try, “says Marcela Měchurová. It does not matter because only the brand and its numbering. “Even if you have two types of panties from the same company and the same size, you might not necessarily both sit. Just one example of the type of lace firmer, less elastic, and they can strangle, “explains the expert.

And one more trick we have for you – try seamless underwear or panties edged in lace. These, the line bodies finely copied without at undesired sites creating folds.

2nd Extend your legs and thighs Streamline

Would you like to have your feet at least a little longer? And it seems to you that you have a somewhat stronger thighs? So firstly forget the pants panties! They had mercilessly shortened legs and thighs not too flattered, hence suitable for women with long and slender legs. For those who need to extend legs visually, perfectly serve punched panties. Do you feel that any significant cut out thong’re not young enough? “There is no need to have punched pants somehow. I weakly notched clothes can work wonders, “says Marcela Měchurová.

Reduce the bottom third

Which of women are satisfied with the size of your ass? Probably almost none! A ladies’ panties that most suits the background? “They’re called Brazilian. These are weakly notched pants whose rim but ends approximately in the middle half, and not until below, as is the case with traditional cuts. Brazilian buttocks optically shrink and make it very attractive, “says Marcela Měchurová.

Conversely unflattering for ladies’ backgrounds are tango. They will show everything as nature designed it. But the truth is that they are again ideal perhaps under a thin dress or tight trousers because they are essentially invisible. “It is necessary to work with them as needed. When I know that I will undress, I choose the Brazilian. If not, you can still take a thong that are not visible under his clothes at all, “laughs Marcela Měchurová.

4. The authorized belly? No problem!

Our next čtenářce Linda would certainly never argued that she is 33 years old and has two children at home. Yet he lent to the fact that you try the type of pants that are perfect for ladies whose belly is not too strong. “These ladies should definitely forget hipster pants that end just below the sticking point. Ideal are higher briefs that may not even be a tightening, “explains Marcela Měchurová. If they are in fact briefs of quality and a bit stronger material (it can be easily and lace), retains the belly where it should be.

Other possibilities are of course special tightening panties or bands of very hard materials. But these are more suited to special events, not to everyday wear, comfortable is not too much. “If you want to wear drawstring pants every day, I definitely recommend a finer, which not extremely do not withdraw, but rather help keep the line of the body. Additionally, just when they are reinforced only game in the abdomen, the rest can be normal, “says specialist.

5th Mask striae

With more or less visible stretch marks is facing perhaps every woman. How can fight with them, you can read the article Stretch marks: It takes them! We will but with our third Readers, čtyřiadvacetileté Jane could suffer stretch marks on the sides, and show what clothes you will help to disguise. Everyone is clear that shoestring thong probably not the right choice.

But it can be done more than just choose the cut is somewhat more restrained model? “Definitely! Ladies stretch marks should forget the flesh color, because the body will merge and stretch marks are visible. Not suitable is not white, “says Marcela Měchurová. This in turn recommended to be afraid of color! So, how would you be reined in selection cut, with colors literally weigh!”It takes significant paints or patterns that may distract attention from stretch marks. Do you need to hit the eyes the color of clothes, rather than stretch marks, “explains Marcela Měchurová.