A Homegirl Store for Sports Bras

In my runs or trips to the gym come across me with real “mamais attacks”. What are mamais attacks, you ask? Is an expression that I just created for all those women who do sports without taking care with the chest that God gave them. Or present with your push up Bra and breasts touching the Chin, or take a bra without the minimum support and completely ineffective when it comes to impact, or will everything there too tight or anything there much jumping. It’s a scourge.So and so time I go running and I see breasts jumping threateningly toward me and I want to go there to say “eeeerrrrrr, my friend, have you seen the crime you’re making?”. I’m not saying anything, of course, but I can use this space to get the message. And the message is simple: the chest needs support!

To understand a little better the drama of modern times, last week I went to the Queen of hearts, where
only I got to know the various services that this store stinks like brand new Sports Bra of Panache, the Ferrari of Sports Bras. Here at Topmbadirectory you can get more different models and styles.

Let’s start at the beginning: the Queen of hearts is what’s called a “breast friend store”. As Marguerite, one of the responsible, “every woman can find a piece that suits not only your size but also the specific situations: pregnancy, breastfeeding, wedding, beach line, day-by-day or even mastectomias”. It is, therefore, a store with a very diverse when it comes to bras and lingerie, where since most basic parts are the most sexy, colorful or juveniles, to large breasts, small or so-so, with deep necklines or more discreet with back sizes ranging from 28 to 46 and hearts from A to K (and conjugations, for example J 1 28 for back too narrow and large cup). To add to all this, there is the bra-fitting service, which causes all the women out there to know the true number of your bra. Are you now saying “big deal I know perfectly my bra size”. Yes, my friends, it is very likely that they don’t know. According to a study of the Queen of hearts, which has already performed more than 75000 fittings, 99% of women wear the wrong bra. Scary, but true. The Queen of hearts, through a custom tour (query of bra fitting) in which the clients are accompanied from the entrance to the dressing room, through the completion of the purchase, no one gets out of there without knowing the biggest mistakes you’re making. And there are several, now pay attention:

-Most women still think are the straps that support to the chest. ERRADOOOOO! What gives support is the band around the trunk, which has to be well adjusted to the body: neither loose nor too tight.

-Don’t buy Bras without the experience, for they find clothing always the same size. The sizes vary from brand to brand, from model to model;

Is there another world apart from a B-Cup. Most mainstream stores continues to provide only a B Cup, that’s not everybody. The World Cup has to embrace the entire breast and the BRA should be based in the middle of the outer (stand up and leave space is because they’re using the wrong size);

-If you feel that it hurts you bra hoop is because, most likely, they’re not wearing the right size;

It is common to use the back too wide and the hearts are too small, which does not give support to the chest.

-Not to be confused with size of cup sizes back. The size of the canopy is designated by a letter (from A to K), the size of back a number (range from 28 to 46). You can’t imagine the amount of women who have a breast hung that they think are 1 36 or 38 B Cup and that after measures, discover that wear a lot less and a lot more. In my case, I found out that I’m a 30DD and that is exactly the size that makes me feel comfortable and with the proper support.

These are the most common errors in the use of bras, in a generic way. But then there are the mistakes we made for sports:

-Beginning of conversation, Yes, they need a specific sports bra. Those who use the day to day can be very comfortable, but hardly give you the support you need to run, jump, etc. and such:

-Avoid Bras of standard size (S, M, L), that do not fit in the back and not have Cup structure. In addition, don’t split the chest, which can cause irritation or minor infections, due to friction;

-Take into account the type of sport that will practice and impact level. The higher the intensity, the greater the need for support. Can choose Bras bezel for high impact sports and for rimless bras for lighter workouts.

It is an error to use several pieces to try to immobilize the chest. For example, normal with a bra top or two sports sports tops. The BRA should be good enough to give all the support that the chest needs.

-Avoid Sports Bras that crush and flatten his chest. This can cause pain, cause discomfort and cause injury to the chest.

Having said that, don’t invest in a sports bra without knowing exactly what’s your size, look for one that encapsulates the breast individually and separately, which is reinforced in certain areas, look to have more than one, and don’t forget that both small-as the largest volume may suffer the consequences of a bad support during sports practice.

As you said at the beginning, I took the trip to Queen of hearts to know and experience the sports bra from Panache, it’s a bomb! Is available in the version with and without silicone rings and adapts beautifully to the chest. Even though I have felt comfortable with both, I ended up opting for the version without rims. I felt that would give me the necessary support (I’ve been jumping around in the dressing room) without limit movements and without giving me that feeling of suffocation, typical in Sports Bras.

This sports bra has a structure with molded cup, round shape, instead of spreading of the chest wraps each breast individually, reducing the movement of the chest up to 83%. The Panache Sports Bra with RIMS is more suitable for women with heavy breast and large volume and for all kinds of sports, especially those of greatest impact (spinning, cross fit or riding). Already the Sports Bra without rims is indicated for women with less chest deep and skin more sensitive and can be used in all kinds of sports, can also be used as comfort Bra (for travel, sleep, rest) or as a post surgical bra.
The Panache bras are available in the Queen of hearts, in various tones (Beige, black, gray, red, blue, and pink soon), and range from B to J and the size 28 to 40. The price? €66 version with Hoop and the version without €64. Worth taking advantage of the campaign that the Queen of hearts is promoting and in which, until the end of February, provides:

-A bottle of sport;
-10% discount on the purchase of a sports bra;
-A training plan developed by a Personal Trainer: #30DiasComSportsBra

If you do sports, this is one of those investments that are worth really worth and that will make all the difference.Please don’t be forgotten your chest! In Lisbon are the Queen of hearts in Rua de Santa Justa, 87, in Porto on Rua de Sá da Bandeira, 373, and in Madrid in Calle Goya, 64.