7 Questions About Post Partum Lingerie


One of the biggest concerns of pregnant women is about the body care after delivery. After all, it’s a quiet period of breastfeeding for the baby, the mother is very good about yourself. And there’s a lot of questions about post partum lingerie, use or not use? Which one to choose?

Therefore, separate 7 FAQ about post partum lingerie which should help many undecided mothers. Let’s check it out on answerresume.com?

7 frequently asked questions About post partum Lingerie

1 – the Spanx Corrects the posture?

During the whole period of pregnancy, it is common that women feel a lot of back pain because of the weight of the baby. In addition, many mothers develop gestational lordosis, also caused by the excessive weight of the baby.

Use Spanx moderate way after delivery is a way of correcting the posture, as well as relieve back pain and make the shape of your stomach back to normal.

2-Use Spanx Helps in healing?

Yes, it’s true. The use of shaping straps for a specified period and without excess reduces the contractions of the muscles in the abdomen, helping in the healing of Cesarean delivery to avoiding the opening of points to perform certain daily activities.

3-can I wear Spanx during pregnancy?

Never. The use of shaping straps during pregnancy, especially if it’s tight, could compromise the natural development of the baby, in addition to causing serious health problems for pregnant women such as: compression of the uterus, bladder and arteries, swelling, premature labor and especially compression of the umbilical cord, which may put at risk the life of your baby.

4 – When should I buy post partum Bra?

It is a fact that during pregnancy the breasts grow and change of number real quick, then you must know the right time to buy your breastfeeding bra. After 28 weeks, it is possible to know the optimal size of your bra. He shouldn’t be off in order not to compromise the support of the breasts or too tight in order not to compromise the circulation and breathing of the skin.

5-What’s the Ideal model of post partum Panties?

The ideal model of post partum panties is one that has a length up to the navel and usually is a number. After delivery it is necessary to wait for a while until the women’s bodies align, and during this time it is common that women feel a void in the womb that bothers.

The use of post partum panties help comfort and assist in the reorganization of the bodies.

6-What post partum Bra model Choose?

The first thing that changes in the body of a pregnant woman are the breasts. The mammary gland is very sensitive and needs perfect support. The BRA post partum needs to have wide, handles well, reinforced stitching and fine cloth front opening to allow skin breathing. In addition, the mother should avoid those models that have rims because they can hurt and hinder the circulation leaving her breasts swollen and sore.

7-can I use Body hair straightener after Childbirth?

Yes. For women who want more security and have a more elegant, the bodies help modelers too. But you have to choose a template and that seamless don’t push, don’t bring biggest discomforts. There are good practical models with openings and front buttons that help in breastfeeding.

Besides giving firmness to the body of the woman, the lingerie post partum help on security posture of the woman. Choosing the parts ideal for your body, will certainly have a post partum period much more peaceful for you and your baby.

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