6 Tips for Washing the Lingerie Without Spoiling

One of the greatest challenges of having an elegant lingerie and always comfortable to use is know higienizá it correctly. Although this seems like an easy task, since they are small and, theoretically, simple cleaning fabrics, wash the lingerie involves care and a dedication that usually do not apply when we are washing our other pieces of clothing.

Not to ruin altogether that lingerie that you love so much, separated in this article some tips for you to wash it without ruining it. Check out!

Watch The Water Temperature

The first watch that any woman should have to wash the lingerie is with the temperature of the water that will be used in this activity. The ideal temperature to sanitize these delicate parts and not to spoil them is the environment and therefore no use hot water in order to “sterilize” the lingerie in time to wash it. This temperature, besides affecting the structure of the piece, can influence on increasing the proliferation of fungi on the fabric, since hot steam makes it harder to the drying process.

Separate Colored White Lingeries

The same rule applies to your lingerie, when it comes to washing clothes. To wash the lingerie you need to dedicate some time to separate the colored white, thus preventing the ink that can get out of the pieces with the delicate white spot color you’ll sanitize. You can place the, avoiding the ink that can leave the pieces with color stain the delicates by the whites you will sanitize. You can put the in a basin with ambient water and white in others, to avoid this problem.

The Type Of SOAP Can Help Wash The Lingerie Without Spoiling

The type of SOAP you will use to wash the lingerie it is also important not to damage the piece. It is always important to prioritize neutral soaps or specialize for intimate parts that help to minimize the proliferation of fungi on the fabric and, consequently, the risk of urinary tract infection transmitted by them. Never add softener, bleach or any other type of hygiene material which is not specially made for the cleaning of intimate parts.

Whenever Possible, Wash The Lingerie In Hand

We know it’s much more practical to put your underwear in the laundry basket and wash down with the other parts you need to sanitize, correct? The ideal, however, is that you always prefer to wash the lingerie always at hand, either in the tank or even bath time (as long as you remember to let the temperature of the water environment).

If you are a loyal supporter to the dishwasher, always remember to use those protective of intimate parts, in time to put the lingerie along with other clothing to sanitize. Here at lawschoolsinusa.com you can get more different models of the underwear. They can help protect the structure and the useful life of these delicate pieces.

Do Not Dry In Direct Line

Wet lingerie should never be dried in direct line, for more irresistible this move may be to ensure the preservation and the delicacy of the tissues and structures of the lingerie, it pays to let them dry out, first, on top of a towel, to then be placed, gently, in a part of the line especially for them.

When drying you need two cautions: the first is to avoid exposure to the Sun and the second is never twist the piece to remove excess water. Both situations may damage the structure of the pieces. Pass the lingerie in the iron is also an action that is out of the question, if you want to ensure your long service life.

Never Store The Parts If They Are Not 100% Dry

Finally, never store the lingerie you washed if they’re not 100% dry. Any sign of moisture, if ignored, can result in an unexpected proliferation-and invisible to a first-of fungi in tissue, and can trigger unnecessary infections in the region.

How do you usually wash the lingerie at home? Like our tips? Share with us your views on the matter.