5 Colors of Lingerie that Will Bombing this Year

2017 is there and it’s time to invest in new clothes to ever embrace the trends that will be on the rise in the new year. After all, you want to be beautiful, powerful and fashionable, isn’t it?

5 Colors of Lingerie that Will Bombing this Year

So enjoy and discover what are the five colors of lingerie what will bombing this year and see which parts you should invest time to complement their underwear!

1. Pastel

The pastels, in its most diverse colors, will come with all this year! The Rose Quartz, a pastel shade nude that was one of the highlights of the Pantone colors in the year 2016 back in 2017 together with Serenity, a pastel light blue tone which is also a charm.

They lend an air of candy color and are a great option for those who want to leave the monotony of neutral tones and maintain a delicate and romantic air in your visual of undergarment.

2. Watermelon

One of the colors of lingerie it’s been super high’s tom watermelon, which is great on any skin type, but highlights in lighter skin tones. The lingerie in this color are charming, delicate, sexy and give that up in visual, increasing your self-esteem!

3. Orange

The bright orange tones are also coming with all this year! Are perfect for those who want to use vibrant colors and beautiful day by day.

The color orange is on the idea of creativity, fascination, energy and success and positive things. Use a lingerie that is guaranteed to give an up in your mood, increases self-confidence and is also very sexy. How about try this color and see if you like?

4. Blue

Blue is one of the colors of lingerie that was already gaining space in recent seasons, and with everything in 2017. However, if the last few seasons were the shades of light blue that gained prominence, this year, in addition to the pastel blue, gains strength the royal blue, Navy Blue and blue lead.

So, if you are in love by blue lingerie, you can enjoy and vary in many different tones, combining pieces of different sets and rock that look!

5. Green

The green parts also gained a large space in the 2017 season. The highlight is for medium green that is coming with strength in various collections.

He marries well with the most various combinations, in addition to allowing you to use he appearing in some compositions, leaving the look more stripped, colorful and amazing! (http://www.besteducationschools.com/).

6. Golden Tones

The big bet for the year 2017 is gold! It came super high in spring-summer fashion shows and is already winning the heart of Brazil. Luxurious, perfect for you who want to feel powerful and sexy and gorgeous, combines very well with neutral tones (particularly black), being possible to do several amazing combinations!

And you don’t need to use sets only these colors. Use your imagination! Combine different pieces, mix, create, reinvent! The important thing is that you feel good, powerful and amazing!

So, what do you think of the colors of lingerie that will be a trend in the year 2017.Tell your impression to us in the comments!